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High Quality and Pocket-Friendly iPhone 13 Repair Service

Is your iPhone 13 having some issues lately, and you are looking for a high quality yet pocket-friendly iPhone 13 Repair in North Little Rock, AR? Look no further; you’ve found the best store to carry out all your smartphone repairs. A1 Cellular Repair Service is all you need. We can confidently handle all your gadget restoration needs, be it iPhone screen replacement, iPhone water damage or iPhone Screen Replacement. We can fix all the problems your phone might have.

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Our aim at A1 Cellular Store is to help you in your times of need and show you a place you can trust with all your desired iPhone repairs. Moreover, our prices are quite affordable and competitive. We take pride in being the best option for any kind of service in North Little Rock, AR.

By taking a step-by-step exam of your device to make sure that your smartphone’s issue is completely understood, A1 Cellular devises a proper personalized repairing process. We take things very professionally when it comes to your iPhone remediation service.
iPhone 13 Repair in North Little Rock, AR

Repairing Services For iPhone 13 Provided by A1 Cellular

Any type of beating your iPhone 13 has taken can be handled at A1 Cellular. If you have an iPhone cracked screen, iPhone water damage, or any other iPhone need, give us a visit, and we will try our best to assist you in fulfilling your demand.
A1 cellular has a wide variety of services available for their customers. However, the following is a list of a few services at your disposal.


iPhone 13 Camera Fixing

iPhone cameras are the best, but only if they are kept in perfect shape and form. Don’t be upset if yours isn’t. A1 Cellular is one of the few places that can help you with your iPhone 13 camera repair. Let’s forget the blurry and unclear photos and add the “crisp” back to your photos.

camera Repair

iPhone 13 Software Fix

Recently iOS has been seeing a lot of major software changes, which have caused iPhones to glitch way more than they used to. If you are experiencing something similar, we recommend visiting A1 Cellular Store for your iPhone 13 software fix. We will debug your phone, and it’ll be good to go, at least until the next Apple iOS official update.


iPhone 13 Battery Replacement

Although you didn’t overcharge or over-drain your iPhone battery, it keeps dropping rapidly. What if we told you we have a fix for that? Instead of replacing your amazing iPhone. Consider getting your iPhone 13 battery replacement from A1 Cellular, and enjoy your phone for longer before needing to charge it again.


iPhone 13 Charging Port Rectification

Sick of having to spend a good 10 minutes adjusting your iPhone’s lightning connector so that it doesn’t automatically disconnect? Have you considered that you might need a checkup for iPhone 13 charging port repair? Don’t worry; A1 Cellular has the tools as well as the professionals who will assist you in this matter.


iPhone 13 Screen Replacement

The screens are the most frequently used and vulnerable part of an iPhone. They are prone to damage, such as cracks and grooves. Whatever happened to your smartphone to cause harm to its screen, you can bring it to A1 Cellular store for iPhone 13 screen repair and be satisfied it’ll be taken care of.


iPhone 13 Water Damage Remediation

Water damages the internal microchips of a cell phone, as well as causes corrosion to the metal parts, which leads to major issues such as motherboard failure or burn. There’s no need to be agitated if your phone took a dip; you just need to rush your phone to A1 Cellular to get your iPhone 13 water damage repaired. Our expert technicians know what to do in such cases.

People’s #1 Choice | A1 Cellular - IPhone 13 Repair

Many people struggle with finding the perfect store for all their iPhone repair needs, but you are lucky to have found the best iPhone 13 Fix in North Little Rock. We are the people’s #1 choice for cellphone repairs in the neighborhood. We’re proud to have the following factors in our business model at A1 Cellular.

Prioritizing Our Clients

Clients are the top priority of our whole business model. We have no other area that we focus on as much as we focus on this factor. We make sure that our clients are fully satisfied with the service we provide.

Precautionary measures

A1 is always extra cautious in iPhone repairs; We implement all the precautionary measures necessary to maintain complete oversight over the entire restoration. We have a well-structured set of steps taken before proceeding with an iPhone mending. This includes but is not limited to the thorough examination of the device, testing the equipment, iPhone backup, replacement part testing, and more.


We have every service as “fairly priced” as it could be. We take price as a competition to stay in the market, so we charge you not even a penny more than what is needed to be paid for the iPhone repair in question.


Only the very best vendors of replacement parts are chosen by us, which assures the quality of replacement parts. Our technicians and workforce are well trained to handle customers as they deserve to be treated, so our quality of service, in general, is well boosted and ranks among the top.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can iPhone 13 be repaired?
    Yes, you can get your iPhone 13 fixed at A1 Cellular Store. We repair iPhones at very reasonable prices. You can come in directly at 4158 E McCain Blvd, North Little Rock, AR 72117, for your iPhone 13 Repair North Little Rock, AR.
  • How much does it cost to fix the back of an iPhone 13?
    iPhone 13’s back glass restoration isn’t very convenient or inexpensive. But we at A1 Cellular make sure to give you the best possible iPhone 13 back glass repair at the least possible cost to you.
  • How to replace the iPhone 13 screen?
    You can replace your iPhone screen by yourself, but it is much more recommended to get it replaced by A1 Cellular, as they have experts ready to solve your iPhone 13 screen replacement issue. Doing it yourself has many disadvantages, including being time-consuming as well as costly.