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iPhone 12 Pro is one of the most powerful, and aesthetically pleasing handheld gadgets manufactured by Apple. It is a powerhouse that exhibits the qualities of iPhone 12 Pro Max, with the dimensions and form factor of a normal iPhone 12. Considering the fact that this iPhone is very powerful and all, when it comes to repairing, you need a trusted yet “pocket-friendly” iPhone repair service in your Area.

A1 Cellular Repair is the number 1 place for your iPhone 12 Pro Repair in North Little Rock, AR. . We are both professional as well as economical. If your iPhone 12 Pro is in any kind of trouble or has any kind of issue, you can come to A1 Cellular Repair store to get your issues fixed. We specialize in iPhone Water Damage, iPhone Screen Replacement, and iPhone Battery Replacement.

IPhone 12 pro Repair Service in North Little Rock, Arkansas

We at A1 Cellular Repair understand the frustration and insecurity a person feels when they have to give their very personal iPhone to someone for repair and maintenance. We don’t keep your iPhone 12 Pro longer than it is needed to be taken for the iPhone repair process. We certainly ensure that your iPhone is in good and very experienced set of hands and that they will be extra careful during the whole process of repairing your iPhone.
The problem assessment is the most crucial part of the whole process of iPhone repair service. Our very experienced staff takes thorough exam of your iPhone 12 Pro, to ensure that the condition explained by you is taken care of properly. They leave no stone unturned in quest of the root cause of the problem, so that they can give you the best iPhone repair possible.
iPhone 12 Pro Repair in North Little Rock, AR

iPhone 12 pro repairing services we offer

iPhone 12 Pro being one of the very best phones is unfortunately not immune to problems and issues. It can still get cracked glass, battery issues, water damages, or camera issues. Below is a list with description of the iPhone repair services offered by A1 Cellular Repair near your location.

iPhone 12 Pro Software Fix in North Little Rock AR

iPhone 12 pro Software Fix

iOS is not a piece of cake when it comes to resolving glitches and software issues. Our dedicated software specialists can help you in your iPhone Software Fix. We can help you remove iCloud ID, in case you’ve forgotten your iCloud password, or if your iPhone’s software is glitching due to accidental installation of an unwanted and unintentional application. We can also help you in your need to remove Jailbroken iOS from your iPhone 12 Pro.

iPhone 12 Pro SCREEN Repair in North Little Rock

iPhone 12 Pro Screen Repair

Cell Phones in general are prone to cracked screens, and iPhones being quite perfectly made are no exceptions. The real trouble begins during the search for a good replacement screen for your iPhone 12 Pro. There are a lot of knock off screens, which only look good until after you apply them to your iPhone, and they start acting strange. We at A1 will help you in your iPhone Screen Repair, and we will ensure that this never happens to you, we only use the best quality replacement parts at very reasonable and affordable prices.

iPhone 12 Pro WATER-DAMAGE Repair in North Little Rock

iPhone 12 Pro Water Damage Repair

Water shows no mercy, especially if the gadget being dipped is powered on. If your iPhone gets dipped in water, or if you accidentally dropped your phone into water, and are concerned about your iPhone Water Damage Repair. Leave all the online tips and tricks to rescue it, just power it off and rush it to A1 Cellular Repair. Where our expert technicians have the expertise and the tools to bring your iPhone back to life. Rest assured, our technicians will take care of your iPhone as well as the water that got into it.

iPhone 12 Pro Battery Replacement

iPhone 12 Pro Battery Replacement

If your iPhone 12 pro is always running low on battery, or is not fully and completely utilizing its battery’s capacity, or worst case scenario, it shows “service” in your battery health settings. You need not to panic, just bring your iPhone to A1 Cellular Repair, where we will have our experts look at its battery conditions, and suggest a viable solution accordingly. If you decide to proceed with iPhone Battery Replacement, we will make sure that only the very best replacement battery is used, all while keeping it affordable.

iPhone 12 Pro Camera Repair

iPhone 12 Pro Camera Repair

iPhones are known for their Cameras, and iPhone 12 pro’s camera is one of its type. Let’s accept the fact that accidents happen and you can or may have broken your camera lenses. We understand that one of the most expensive and most overwhelming iPhone repair is the iPhone Camera Repair. A1 Cellular Repair makes sure to not chip you off in this difficult time of yours. We will make sure that you get what you’re paying for, that is quality replacement parts, and peace of mind.

iPhone 12 Pro Speaker Repair

iPhone 12 Pro Speaker Repair

How disappointing it is, if you have an iPhone 12 Pro, which has amazing speakers, but they don’t work. Or you accidentally poked too hard into the speaker holes while cleaning them that they stopped working altogether. You need not to look any further than A1 Cellular Repair for your iPhone Speaker Repair. We make sure you can be as loud as you need to be, without needing to redo your budget because the repair cost you too much. The quality of replacement part as well as the most competitive price for the part as well as our service is our guarantee.

Why Choose A1 Cellular Repair?

A1 Cellular Repair is a one stop shop for all of your needs for iPhone 12 Pro Repair in North Little Rock, AR. We are here to assist and help you in any kind of issue you’re facing with your iPhone 12 pro. Widely ranging from iPhone software issues, iPhone screen repair, iPhone water damage, to iPhone battery replacement, iPhone camera repair and iPhone speaker repair. Our main focus is always customer, and we try to entertain our customers by providing these iPhone repairs in following manners.


Our priority is always providing the top quality services as well as the replacement parts we offer. We guarantee only the very best quality iPhone replacement parts. Nothing shy, or nothing less.

Reliable Experts

Providing hassle free services required the very best set of hands to take care of your beloved iPhone 12 Pro. Our experts usually do not make mistakes, but for your peace of mind, we take full responsibility of any mishap or unfortunate incident that happens due to our expert’s mistakes.

Time Conserving

We believe that the most important and valuable thing that no one can buy even by spending fortunes is “time”. We highly value yours as well as our time. So we try our best not to waste it, rather we only take your precious time which is needed for the specialized iPhone 12 Pro repair.

Cost Cutting

When you’re in need of some reliable iPhone repair store or service, most of the stores nowadays try to get as much money as possible from you, for such a simple repair as iPhone screen replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get my iPhone 12 Pro repaired in North Little Rock, AR?
    You can get your iPhone 12 pro repaired for whatever repair you need, from A1 Cellular Repair Store. They have good quality fixes for a very affordable price for your iPhone repair parts.
  • What types of fixes do you have for my iPhone 12 Pro?
    We have a w4ide range of nearly all the fixes you need for your iPhone 12 Pro. Including iPhone screen replacement, iPhone Battery Replacement, iPhone Camera Replacement, iPhone Water Damage.
  • How much time is needed for my iPhone repair?
    iPhone repair normally depends on the type of repair you want to get. Which ranges from couple of minutes to a couple of hours. Our motive is to help you in your times of need and show you a place you can trust.